5 Shopify Apps That Will Increase Your Conversion

Do you want to boost your sales? Discover the 5 Shopify apps to increase your conversion.

Have you just discovered Shopify and still don’t know all the features it has? Don’t worry, we’ve done all the research for you so you don’t waste a second of your time. Here are the 5 Shopify apps that will increase your conversion.


Richpanel Customer Service & Ticket CRM

Do you have a lot of support requests from your customers? Are you juggling managing chats and other support services? If you work a lot but don’t have time to handle your customer requests, and that’s causing you to lose sales, pay attention:

This tool allows you to provide personalized support to your customers because it automatically extracts data from your online store and completes your customer profiles.

It allows your customers to cancel and return orders easily. In other words, you can send tracking information, edit orders, and issue refunds without switching tabs.



Email Marketing Continuing with the “customer obsession” theme, at Reduncle, we want to introduce you to Klaviyo. An app that we often recommend to our clients because we’ve seen its great results.

If you want to improve your email marketing, Klaviyo not only offers you the most original templates, but also analyzes the parts that are working in your campaign and those that are not.

In addition, predictive analytics like “churn risk,” customer lifetime value, gender prediction, and intelligent send time are directly integrated into Klaviyo, saving you time and helping you make more money.


Instant Search Bar

Improve your conversion rate through searches?

What many businesses don’t know is that many customers don’t end up buying their products simply because they can’t find them. And that can be largely due to the “search” tool.

Customers are demanding, and they expect intelligent search on your platform. If they make a typo like “alfonbra” instead of “alfombra,” they expect the product to still appear. That’s why major companies like Amazon invested millions in their search engines.

But fortunately for you, there’s a free plan to use Instant Search Bar.

This tool shows your customers a dropdown list of instant search results for products when they don’t know what to search for.

It offers predictive search, helping your impatient customers type less and find more quickly.

It also has synonym recognition. Furthermore, it would be a shame to lose a sale just because they’re searching for a “mantel,” and your products are listed as “tapete.”


Push Monkey Notifications for abandoned carts.

The app that reduces your cart abandonment rate. Push Monkey allows you to automatically send notifications to visitors of your e-commerce site who didn’t complete a purchase.

You can offer discounts and send specially programmed abandoned cart reminders to minimize lost sales. Plus, this tool tailors your messages exactly to your customers’ needs.



And last but not least, don’t miss this tool that allows you to create simple and intuitive landing pages. With this app, you’ll discover lots of templates with exclusive designs.

Plus, it’s so simple that with a drag-and-drop builder, you can customize your landings to match your brand’s design.


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