Create a landing page in Shopify

In this article, we will discuss everything related to how to create a landing page in Shopify.

A “Landing Page” is a simple way to increase conversion rates without much effort. It is a standalone page separate from your store’s main website, designed around a specific conversion goal. However, it’s not just about creating a landing page; you should also pay close attention to the content and design. Everything should be perfectly aligned with the goal you’ve set for the landing page.


Tools for Creating a Landing Page

Using landing page creation services allows you to build high-converting landing pages without dealing with code if you’re not a developer. Many of these platforms come with advanced features such as heatmaps, mobile-responsive templates, and proven conversion elements. For Shopify specifically, many landing page options are available with a monthly subscription, meaning you don’t need a large upfront investment to get started.



PageFly is the most popular landing page creator on Shopify, with over 100,000 businesses using the app and more than 20 integrations with other Shopify apps to boost sales. PageFly provides you with a complete package to build and optimize your store with easy drag-and-drop functionality, creating a seamless digital experience across all devices.


Budget for Shopify Landing Page

There is a free version of PageFly with access to all features, and paid plans start at $19 per month, going up to $99 for the unlimited plan. Additionally, it offers the advantage of 24/7 live chat support always available to help you make the most of the app.


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