How to Dropship from Amazon to Shopify?

Discover How to Dropship from Amazon to Shopify.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to dropship from Amazon to Shopify. This technique is one of the most talked-about in e-commerce right now because it doesn’t require a physical store or inventory. All of this, combined with the fact that it doesn’t require a large financial investment, makes it particularly appealing. It’s worth noting that migration is included for free with all Shopify plans, including trial versions.

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Amazon Dropshipping

There are several key factors to successfully carry out dropshipping on Amazon, and we’ll explain them to you. First and foremost, create your own standard user account on Amazon. Once your account is set up, focus on a niche of products you are interested in and willing to sell.
Once you’ve made your decision, create a wishlist with the products you’ve chosen. It’s important to note that all the products should be part of Amazon Prime.
Finally, you should list the selected products in your store. Once the products are in your store, you need to promote your e-commerce (through social media campaigns, SEO, etc.). When you receive an order, go to your Amazon account and order the same item for your customer.
Enter the customer’s shipping address and their contact information as the recipient of the shipment. Finally, check the box to “order as a gift” to avoid the visibility of the invoice price.

Does Amazon prohibit dropshipping?

Throughout the last quarter, there have been various rumors circulating that Amazon does not allow dropshipping as a legal practice. While the rumors touch on other topics, this particular aspect is the closest to this article. From Red Uncle, we can confirm that any source of information claiming that Amazon prohibits dropshipping is entirely false.
Amazon does not prohibit dropshipping, and it does not violate any of its policies. You can freely engage in dropshipping. What are you waiting for?

Dropshipping Suppliers

En esta parte del artículo intentaremos asesorarte para que escojas un buen proveedor y empieces a realizar dropshipping de la manera más efectiva posible y pronto.

  1. Oberlo

Oberlo stands out in the market for its unparalleled product migration capabilities to your e-commerce store.

2. Printful
Printful is a unique supplier as it allows you to sell customized products, making it ideal for creative entrepreneurs.

3. Spocket
Spocket enables business owners to find products with high conversion rates and fast shipping times

4. Aliexpress
Aliexpress is probably one of the most comprehensive suppliers available, offering a wide range of products and varying price points, making it ideal for dropshipping beginners.

5. SaleHOO
Characterized by its annual price of €67, SaleHOO offers one of the best prices you can find for a supplier.

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