How to sell more with Shopify using Facebook shop

In this article we will talk about How to sell more with Shopify using Facebook shop.

Shopify is a company that has established itself as a key player in the e-commerce industry since 2012. It offers a wide range of services, including marketing, payments, and shipping, with the aim of simplifying the processes involved in running an online store.

One of the most successful brands that collaborates with Shopify is Facebook. With its Facebook Shop or Marketplace, it has become a valuable tool for merchants of all types.

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What is Facebook Shop and how does it integrate with Shopify?

As mentioned, Facebook has been integrating a new buying and selling channel into its platform for some time now. Both merchants and buyers handle the transactions, and Facebook serves merely as a channel. This arose thanks to the crisis caused by Covid-19, which undeniably strengthened digital commerce.

In this regard, what Shopify offers is precisely a wide variety of products that are customizable, and any Facebook user has the ability to sell. The difference or modification from Facebook Marketplace to Facebook Shop, which is the integration of Shopify with Facebook, is that it is now an application that can be integrated and will serve solely and exclusively for buying and selling products.

Differences between Facebook Shop and Marketplace

To understand how to sell more with Shopify using Facebook Shop, it is important to highlight the differences so that you better understand the functions of both stores and can sell effectively:

  1. Shops are fully accessible to all Facebook users, whether from the Facebook page itself or from Instagram. All the content you publish will appear in users’ stories and may also appear as advertisements.

  2. For businesses that establish a presence on the page, they have the power of choice; they can choose which products to display in their shop.

  3. Personalization of the page is another difference from Marketplace. You are allowed to customize the shop’s appearance with a cover image and a color palette.

  4. Products can be purchased in the online shop or directly in the company’s online space. They can also be used directly on Facebook or Instagram.

          This means that products can be purchased, and order management can be done            through Facebook. This is facilitated by the same system currently used for in-app    purchases on Facebook.

  1. Additionally, Facebook advertising will be available to promote affiliated shops and the products listed in them.

How to sell more with Shopify using Facebook Shop?

On the other hand, the best way to sell more through Facebook Shop is not the same for all businesses, as each one must assess its market and, based on that study, determine the best way to sell. However, there is a formula for making online businesses prosperous, as many people use this method to boost their sales through this channel.

Formula or points to increase sales:

The key points to follow are:

  1. Advertising: This is the most effective way to attract followers, buyers, and new customers. It’s a good practice for any business, especially when operating through digital platforms. Advertising helps generate clicks, visits, and, consequently, increased sales.

  2. Create engaging posts: Posting engaging content is another way to promote your business and keep a user base interested in what you offer. This helps spread the word about promotions and offers.

  3. High-quality product photos: This is crucial, as it allows visitors to visualize the product before making a purchase. Combining appealing visuals with compelling text is also necessary. Both elements work together to attract potential buyers. Remember that posts with images receive two or three times more interactions than those without images.

  4. Contests: Hosting contests is a method that works very well. People generally enjoy receiving something for free and are more likely to participate in contests.

  5. Short videos: Video content is highly effective, as it captures the audience’s attention quickly. Short videos can convey a lot of information in a matter of seconds, making them ideal for showcasing products.

  6. Boosted posts: These are used to target specific audiences based on location, age, gender, and interests. It’s essential to define the audience you want to reach.


The development of online business, especially on platforms like Facebook Store, is crucial. It’s not just about starting a business online and gaining a set of loyal customers; it’s about growing the business over time. Entrepreneurs should understand that their business must establish itself as a digital store that can be accessed with a single click.

During the development phase, it’s essential to maintain the quality of customer service and the products offered. Even though there may not be physical contact with customers, they should always feel valued and receive warm, attentive service. This helps build customer loyalty and encourages recommendations, attracting more clients.

Furthermore, during the development phase, it’s important to remember that customers appreciate interaction and good treatment from sellers. Therefore, maintaining the same level of service quality throughout the business’s growth is crucial, especially if the goal is to sell more on Shopify using Facebook Shop.

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