Selling on YouTube with Shopify

New Shopify Integration for Selling Through YouTube

vender desde youtube utilizando Shopify

At Red Uncle, we believe in Shopify not only because of its continuous and rapid growth but also because of the alliances it is forming with major companies like Google. Therefore, we wanted to inform you that Google is already working with Shopify to enable selling through YouTube.


Buying Directly on YouTube?

Users will be able to purchase a wide range of products, from video games to the handbags featured in YouTube videos. The idea is to transform this large platform into a product catalogue, allowing users to make purchases through their favourite YouTubers.

For example, thanks to the fashion “haul” videos that many influencers upload to YouTube, online stores have a high probability of success in their sales. However, it’s worth noting that video creators will have complete control over the products they want to include in their content.

Just as they did with Instagram, Google’s main idea is to transition YouTube from being a major advertising platform to a significant e-commerce platform.


Can Shopify be Integrated with YouTube?

The answer, in principle, is yes. According to Bloomberg, last year, YouTube began testing a Shopify integration similar to what is being planned, allowing creators to tag up to 12 items for sale in a digital carousel beneath their videos.

Diversifying creator revenue beyond ads is one of several strategies YouTube is pursuing. At a minimum, these new measures could help YouTube enhance the data it collects from videos to strengthen its advertising business.

This feature proved to be highly successful when it was introduced on Instagram.

Do you think this will significantly enhance a platform where you can find everything from tutorials to recipes? We believe that this functionality will allow many online stores to grow and thrive in the post-Covid-19 landscape.


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