Shopify Launches Shop: Better Seller-Customer Relationship Than Ever

Find Out Everything About SHOP, Shopify’s New Launch

Shopify launched its new application ‘Shop App’ on April 28, 2020, which allows sellers to increase sales due to the ease of purchase for their customers.

This is an app that pays maximum attention to the user’s shopping experience, from the moment you acquire a new user until the final purchase is made.

Lately, Shopify has been trying to improve the checkout abandonment rate, which continues to be a headache for many e-commerce businesses.

By storing your payment information in the app and offering recommendations or reminders of products you may be interested in as a customer, it reduces friction in the purchase process, resulting in a better conversion rate.


Bring Back Your Customers

In recent years, the cost of acquiring new customers has increased due to the competitiveness in the market. Therefore, it is interesting to invest in a strategy to bring customers back to your store.

What Shop does is offer product recommendations from your store that may interest the user, as well as keeping them informed about new arrivals in your store. Through this approach, Shop becomes another sales channel and can potentially become one of the most important ones.

Furthermore, this app operates in a way that understands your preferences, so the recommendations will get better over time, providing customers with what they really like or need, and increasing sales for the seller.

But there’s more; it also includes a feature that allows your customers to find your physical store more easily.


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