Shopify POS: What Is It and How Can It Help You?

In this article we will talk about Shopify POS.

What Is Shopify POS?

Hello everyone! In today’s article at Red Uncle, we want to explain what Shopify POS is, as it’s an option that can greatly simplify your life if you’re running your ecommerce with Shopify. Let’s get started!

Shopify POS is an application that works on IOS and Android and serves as a point-of-sale system, helping you integrate your online and offline sales.


How Does Shopify POS Work?

You can use Shopify POS with any Shopify paid plan. You’ll need to link it to your Shopify store, and changes made in one system will be synchronized with the other. This system provides you with the ability to create receipts, find products, process orders, and handle payments, among other functions.


Hardware You’ll Need

You can start using Shopify POS with just an IOS or Android device, but to get the most out of this point-of-sale system, consider using the following official hardware devices offered by Shopify:

iPad Stands

These provide added security and stability for your in-person sales.

Card Readers

Portable card readers for processing payments in various locations.

Receipt Printers

To print receipts and product tickets.

Barcode Scanners

You can use your mobile device or purchase a specialized barcode scanner.

Shopify Payments

Shopify Payments is a straightforward way to accept online payments, eliminating the need to contract with an external payment processor or establish a merchant account. It also allows you to easily track payments. To activate it, you simply need to enable it in your Shopify admin panel.


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