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During this article, we will analyze everything related to the Shopify stock price, one of the most prominent CMS platforms of the moment with a significant track record. We will study the behavior of its shares in the stock market, operational results, and other data related to the company’s evolution in the market.


How Much Do Shopify Shares Cost?

If you have even a basic understanding of stocks, you’ll know that the value of any stock is relative and depends on many factors. While it usually falls within a certain range, for example, currently, the value of a Shopify share is around €800-€900. However, this value can change at any time.

But how do you buy a share? There are countless websites and apps that help us acquire a share or a portion of it to obtain a collective benefit, including that of Shopify, the app, and our own. Some of these websites or apps include:


What Do the Experts Say?

Shopify is currently trading at a price-to-earnings ratio close to 70. This means that the stock price is 70 times higher than its earnings. The value has increased by 160% this year and has risen by 265% from its 52-week low. In June, it increased by 25.3%.

In summary, Shopify’s stock price shows strong growth and may create a new pulse to retest its all-time high area. Therefore, the following situations could occur in the coming months:

Sell – if the daily candle closes below 1,080, it could be an entry point at around €100. Buy – if the daily candlestick closes above 1,200.00, it could be an entry point at around €120.


How Is Shopify Performing in the Stock Market?

The premise behind Shopify makes a lot of sense. The growth in e-commerce sales has accelerated due to the pandemic, and many companies need to shift to online sales to survive.

This could be one of the significant shifts to consider in the long term, although after strong gains like last year, it should be observed carefully, as there could be an upward movement in the stock price. It’s clear that Shopify can become a major online software company and play a crucial role in transitioning businesses to the digital realm, but the company’s market capitalization has significantly reflected its success.

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