SMS marketing with Shopify: what you need to know

In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know with SMS marketing with Shopify.

SMS (Short Message Service), or short message service, is a marketing strategy that specifically uses mobile phones to communicate with customers.

Sending short messages allows you to stay in touch with customers at any time, anywhere, regardless of where they are, making it considered much more effective and efficient than other marketing tools.

Using SMS Marketing ensures continuous contact and secure interaction, which can definitely boost sales by establishing a closer relationship between your brand and potential customers.

So, what becomes important in this strategy is obtaining customers’ phone numbers because if used properly, you can send short messages that impact their purchasing decisions and brand loyalty.


SMS Marketing works for all the e-commerce?

SMS marketing may not necessarily work for every e-commerce business as its effectiveness depends a lot on the brand and the type of customers.

Perhaps, a brand may prefer to use email or other information and communication tools unless they discover that their customers and target audience prefer to receive messages, updates, and offers directly on their mobile devices.

This strategy can be applied successfully by ambitious online businesses that aim not only to increase sales but also to build a community, implement subscription programs, and achieve high rates of customer engagement and interaction.

Of course, the success will depend on the type of messages you send. They should be friendly, informative, and maybe even fun, as you don’t want to bore your audience.

The essential thing is to generate anticipation, trust, and a desire to purchase. Remember, the ultimate goal is to increase your revenue while gaining brand loyalty.


How to start a SMS Marketing campaing for Shopify?

The essential thing is to have SMS marketing tools or applications and define a strategy that allows you to grow your SMS customer list.

Regarding tools, it’s best to choose tools like Klaviyo, Postscript SMS, and SMS Bump, as they offer the best configuration and implementation options for SMS marketing in e-commerce.

They provide the ability to select and assign phone numbers to different campaigns and send automated messages according to the scheduling you have set up.

As for growing your customer list, a good option is to use capture popups, which allow you to include the option of a phone number as optional.

Popups are sudden, attention-grabbing windows that appear when you’re visiting a web page or an online store. Their goal is to attract potential customers’ attention and encourage interaction, either by leaving their email, phone number, or by taking advantage of a discount coupon or offer.

Another way to grow your list is to reach out to your email marketing customer base and ask for permission to send them SMS. You may be surprised at the number of loyal customers who would prefer to receive this type of messages.

However, the best option offered by Shopify is that you can create an integrated marketing strategy by sharing Klaviyo email lists with Postscript to develop SMS campaigns, segmentation, and automation.

These tools allow you to separate customers who prefer SMS and have higher conversion rates and send them to Postscript, excluding them from email campaigns.

The idea is to reinforce your marketing campaigns using the appropriate channels based on customer preferences, which will require a good strategy for sending automated and planned messages, possibilities offered by these tools when used correctly.

Let’s try to explain, in simple terms, how the integration of Klaviyo and Postscript works:

  • E-commerce or brands collect SMS subscriptions through Klaviyo forms.
  • Next, in Klaviyo, customers are segmented and added to email lists.
  • These email lists are then sent from Klaviyo to Postscript.
  • Then, those lists are taken, and customers are added to Postscript’s automated campaigns.


Postscript SMS Marketing Shopify

Postscript is a highly reputable and recognized application in Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, as they have trusted it to carry out their SMS marketing campaigns.

Its goal is to grow the subscriber or customer list and create marketing campaigns through SMS. The aim is to generate two-way communication that encourages purchases and brand loyalty, which translates into business success.

The core functions of this application involve syncing data in the Shopify store and triggering marketing automations and actions via SMS:

  1. Enabling abandoned cart recovery.
  2. Shipping notifications.
  3. Targeted offers to increase customer loyalty.
  4. Facilitating increased sales and brand recognition through SMS.
  5. Capturing new subscribers during checkout, through landing pages, pop-ups, QR codes, and integration partners.
  6. Automating text messages based on customer actions.
  7. Tracking new purchases and abandoned carts.
  8. Activating pre-set automation templates.
  9. Increasing engagement in messages through images and GIFs in the marketing strategy.
  10. Segmenting customers based on their Shopify store history.
  11. Running SMS campaigns to boost sales.
  12. Ensuring proper message delivery and tracking.
  13. Providing campaign, automation, and message performance analysis tools.
  14. Maintaining compliance with TCPA data protection regulations for opt-ins.

Postscript seamlessly integrates with support applications, identification tools, customer lists, other email marketing platforms, web push apps, social proof tools, billing systems, shipping notification apps, and pop-ups, among others. It also integrates smoothly with Gorgias, Klaviyo, Zapier, Privy, and Sumo.


Klaviyo: Email, SMS & Form

Klaviyo is one of the leading platforms in Shopify e-commerce. Its ease of use for sending emails, SMS messages, registration forms, and many other options has allowed it to gain this position.

No matter the size of your business, the platform provides the support and resources you need to grow and expand. Here are some of the options it offers:

  1. Pre-built integrations that allow you to understand your business’s potential and make the most of tools like Facebook, ShipStation, and Smile.
  2. Free account options that grant gradual access to all the platform’s features.
  3. Use of pre-designed form templates and marketing campaign automations.
  4. Customization and message segmentation options, along with product recommendations.
  5. List automations, abandoned cart tracking, welcome messages, and promotions.
  6. Precise customer data collection through forms you can add to your website.
  7. A/B testing for optimizing content and generating a greater impact.
  8. Customer segmentation and sending relevant messages based on their relationship with your business and loyalty over time.
  9. Measuring economic results through reports focused on growth and expansion.
  10. Reaching customers through SMS campaigns during and after their purchases.
  11. Data synchronization and identifying similar audiences for creating ads on Instagram and Facebook.

Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with, Recarga, Zendesk, Swell Rewards, Aftership, and Facebook advertising, allowing you to get the best results and benefits for your business directly from Shopify. At Reduncle, we are a specialized agency in conversion-focused email marketing.


SMS Bump SMS + Shopify MMS Marketing

SMS Bump is a widely used and highly regarded marketing application for Shopify, serving as a valuable ally for businesses in rapid growth.

Designed for creating SMS/MMS marketing campaigns, it ensures compliance with data protection regulations such as TCPA and GDPR.

One of its standout features is seamless integration with Shopify’s leading applications, including those for reviews, user-generated content (UGC), loyalty programs, email service providers (ESP), subscription services, help desks, and more.

The core functions of this application focus on automation and text-based marketing:

  1. SMS Flow Creation: This feature enables your business to operate on autopilot.

  2. Automations with ROI Powered Text: This includes features like abandoned cart reminders and customer reactivation.

  3. MMS Support: SMS Bump allows you to increase conversion rates by sending images (PNG) or GIF SMS to customers.

  4. SMS Segmentation: You can combine Shopify filters to create more refined and defined customer segments.

  5. A/B Testing: SMS Bump lets you run different variants of SMS messages to measure their performance.

  6. Complete Support and Tracking for Shopify Discount Codes + Individual Discount Codes: This feature helps you track the effectiveness of your discount codes.

  7. SMS Campaign Scheduling: You can plan and schedule SMS campaigns at your convenience.

  8. Opt-Out List Creation: Keep track of customers who have unsubscribed from receiving SMS messages.

  9. Shopify POS Integration: SMS Bump seamlessly collects subscribers in-store, segments them, and launches targeted campaigns.


Advantages of SMS Bump:

  1. Automation Based on Local Time Zones: SMS Bump can automate message delivery, considering the local time zones of your customers. This ensures that messages are sent at optimal times for higher engagement.

  2. Maximum Cost per Message Optimization: You can set a maximum cost per message, allowing you to manage your budget efficiently and avoid sending SMS above a specific cost threshold.

  3. Integration with GIPHY and Pexels: SMS Bump seamlessly integrates with GIPHY and Pexels, enabling you to enhance your messages with multimedia content, such as images and GIFs.

  4. Detailed In-App Analytics: The application provides comprehensive analytics, giving you detailed insights into various metrics. You can track order status, link clicks, SMS performance by country, conversion rates, total spending, specific automation and campaign statistics, image-based SMS, and special SMS GIF tags.

  5. Compatibility with Other Marketing Platforms: SMS Bump works seamlessly with other marketing platforms, including email marketing, Facebook Messenger, web push applications, helpdesk support tools, popup apps, shipping and billing notification apps, upselling and cross-selling apps, review and user-generated content (UGC) platforms, loyalty and review apps, and subscription-based apps. Additionally, it can be integrated with ReCart, ReCharge, Klaviyo, Yotpo, PushOwl, Privy, and more.


Shopify not only provides an e-commerce platform for businesses to showcase their brands but also offers some of the best SMS marketing applications.


If you’re interested in implementing an SMS marketing strategy for your Shopify store, don’t hesitate to contact us at Our team of experts will guide you through the process.


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