The Perfect Product Page in Shopify

Discover the essential factors for your product page.

In this article, you will learn about the essential factors that should appear on the product page of your Shopify store. It’s important to consider that these features and tips will increase the desire to purchase from potential customers who are browsing your product listings.

At Reduncle, we develop websites for online stores in Spain, and all of them adhere to the details outlined below:

What should not be missing on your Shopify product page?

We often find that there are a series of factors to make the user’s journey through our product page more enjoyable, but it is especially important because this is where potential customers make the final purchase decision (or not, depending on how we formulate and structure the content on this page).

High-Quality Images

We must provide detailed and clear images of the product from different angles so that the user can get a precise idea of the product they are about to purchase (showing its benefits reflected in these images).

Detailed Product Description

We will always provide accurate and complete information about the product in question, including its features, dimensions, materials, usage instructions, or any other relevant additional information.

Availability and Price

We must ensure that the product’s price (or offer) is visible and up-to-date (corresponding to its actual price). It is also crucial to highlight the availability of the product so that potential customers can know if they can really purchase it or not.

Reviews and Comments

Customer comments and reviews are an important source of information for buyers. We should include sections with comments and reviews so that customers can see the experience that previous buyers have had with the product. Also, reviews of the shopping experience, such as whether the deliveries were fast, if the store’s support was good from the team…

Payment and Shipping Options

We need to provide clear information about the available payment and shipping options for the products in question. This will ensure that customers make an informed purchase decision.

Contact Information

We should display clear and accessible contact information at all times. A good example would be showing an email address, a phone number, the option to open a new tab with WhatsApp (live chat works really well), so that customers can get in touch with the support and customer service person in case they have any questions or problems.

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