Top 10 Shopify shops in Spain

In this article, you will find out about the top 10 Shopify shops in Spain.

E-commerce platforms have gained significant popularity in recent years due to the technological conveniences and digital solutions they offer to users and customers.

Our online sales platform, Shopify, is one that has stood out considerably since its founding in 2014, as it has contributed to the development and positioning of a large number of successful brands in Spain.

These companies have managed to offer their unique and innovative products in an increasingly large and competitive market.

If you’ve already read our article on The Most Successful Brands Working With Shopify, below, we will talk about 10 of the best stores in Spain created on Shopify. At Reduncle, as a Shopify Agency, we empower e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises and brands in Spain and internationally.


1. Hawkers


This store is one of the standout examples in Spain, as it has walked hand in hand with Shopify and has positioned itself as one of the top brands in the market.

Although they started by selling sunglasses from the American brand Knocaround, with an initial investment of just $300, the success of that company led them to create their own brand, with designs based on well-known expired licenses such as Oakley and Ray-Ban.

They currently have a team of 100 people and ship to more than 50 countries from Elche, Alicante. In addition, they have managed to achieve a turnover of 50 million euros, become famous among some celebrities, and sponsor the NBA team, the Los Angeles Lakers.


2. Muroexe


A brilliant business developed with the help of Shopify, offering its customers, both male and female, unique and innovative footwear with minimalist and futuristic designs that combine elegance and sportiness. Since its inception in the city of Madrid in 2013, they have managed to sell more than 110,000 pairs of shoes in over 300 stores in 51 different countries.

In 2019, they closed the largest equity crowdfunding financing round, raising €2,700,000 contributed by more than 1,200 investors and almost all of their partners. An unprecedented success in the market that demonstrates the incredible triumph of this company.

Also, in 2019, they expanded their product range. In addition to their original footwear and backpacks, which arrived shortly after, they added a collection of accessories and textiles that make them a promising player in this sector of the country.


3. The Brubaker


A pioneering Shopify-based e-commerce brand in Spain known for offering high-quality clothing for men. They provide simple and easy-to-wear designs.

They have managed to establish themselves and become a reference for acquiring quality men’s clothing online, even among those hesitant to shop online.

The Brubaker has achieved such success that they represented the Spanish Hockey team at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

Since their inception in 2014, they have multiplied their sales by 21 and hope to continue this trend. They have also earned a reputation for paying meticulous attention to detail through rigorous quality controls and entirely Spanish production. Another distinctive feature is their avoidance of logos, as they claim to sell a product rather than a brand.

Because The Brubaker aims to be known for its quality, they source raw materials from international factories such as Canclini, Albiate, and Somelos, pioneers in Oxford and Poplin fabrics.


4. Telepienso


Every pet owner knows that these animals quickly become part of the family, and of course, their care must be of the highest quality.

For this reason, Telepienso, a company with over 25 years of experience, created a simple design online store to put its logistics centers located in Catalonia, Malaga, Levante, and Madrid into operation, providing more than 180,000 customers with the best nutrition for dogs and cats.

Telepienso has an immense catalog, and on their e-commerce platform, they provide customers with a frequently asked questions section where they answer queries related to shipping, delivery times, and payment methods, making it easy for users to make their purchases.

This company had been cultivating its success for years, initially trading with professionals such as breeders, clinics, and stores. However, with its Shopify online store, it has managed to reach the general public and has become a reference in e-commerce in Spain.


5. Miss Hamptons


Hawkers’ younger sibling, while not surpassing it in sales, has become one of the most important online stores in Spain. They sell sunglasses made in China and espadrilles manufactured in Caravaca de la Cruz, Murcia.

The business focuses on its Shopify store and has efficiently managed all its sales processes. Furthermore, they have invested in Facebook Ads and Adwords, making the brand increasingly recognized in Spain and other countries.


6. Laconicum


Two Spanish entrepreneurs named María and Ana started a completely online store on Shopify, and in a very short time, they have become one of the leading e-commerce businesses in all of Spain.

Their success is attributed to the fact that they sell all kinds of products from rare brands that are very difficult or downright impossible to find in Spain. The list is extensive and caters to all tastes and needs:

  • Facial cosmetics (Exfoliants, moisturizers, masks).
  • Body products (oils, deodorants, soaps).
  • Hair products (Shampoos, conditioners, serums).
  • They also offer products designed for men, makeup, perfumes, tea, natural remedies, and more.

This cosmetics store stands out from the rest because it sells its products with incredible descriptions that enchant and tell a captivating story to their customers. Additionally, everything they offer in the market is a product of medium to high quality.


7. NG Castillos


A brand that appeared in 2014 and offers a wide range of old and new pieces for collectors and builders of miniature castles. Their unique products use the exact measurements and colors used in the 1960s to sell these types of items, making them very realistic.

NG Castillos chose to create an online store with a simple, old-school design, where all their customers can browse an extensive catalog of available pieces for purchase. Their success has been significant, and their brand continues to be recognized.


8. Carrighan


A brand that has risen very quickly by offering a unique product, sunglasses made entirely of glass. Their success is such that they have processed over 1,500 orders in just two months.

They started with only two designs and four colors and immediately jumped onto Shopify, from where they have built their successes with each step. Additionally, they allow their customers to purchase directly through Instagram, which has further boosted their sales.

Carrighan was born in 2015 when five young entrepreneurs decided to start the project. In 2016, they released their first collection, “Todo lente,” which was unique in Spain at the time and earned them the National Fashion Award in 2017 and the Gold Star for Business Excellence in 2017. Since then, they have continued to focus on providing their customers with quality products.


9. Havet


A brand that specializes in manufacturing watches for women and men. They migrated from PrestaShop to Shopify in less than three weeks. Their products are innovative, and their designs are not readily available in just any store.

In their store, you can find images of the watches they sell. Furthermore, there are detailed product descriptions, technical specifications, pricing, models, warranty information, and shipping details for each of their products.


10. Kaotiko


A brand that has achieved success after success since 1999 in Barcelona. They have six stores in their hometown, two in Madrid, and a presence in Valencia, Mallorca, Girona, Sevilla, and Bilbao. Their goal has been to draw inspiration from fashion to create timeless garments and bring them to the streets and people.

They have had significant collaborations with recognized brands like Adidas, Nixon, Herschel, and Fjallraven. Now, they have expanded to an online store with Shopify, where they have designed various pages with a wide range of products to help customers quickly find what they need.

Kaotiko’s philosophy is to “bring fashion to the streets, creating a community that shares more than just a lifestyle.” From the beginning, they have focused on local production and the need to move away from fast fashion concepts.

With this policy, they create exclusive garments, always striving to promote responsible consumption and create increasingly sustainable clothing, meaning they reduce environmental impact.


In summary, Shopify has become a platform that serves as a springboard for talented entrepreneurs to gain fame and establish not only a brand but also a style and a unique identity. There are agencies specializing in Shopify web development, advertising, and SEO that can assist you.


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