What are the best ERP systems for Shopify?

In this article, we will discuss the best ERP systems for Shopify.

The Best ERPs for Shopify

Hello, everyone! In today’s article on RedUncle, we want to explain which ERPs are the most commonly used for Shopify. Let’s get started!

Before we dive into the details, let’s go over some basic information about e-commerce. In simple terms, e-commerce is a business process aimed at providing solutions to buyers by making their purchases easier and faster. It is a medium through which customers interact with company agents, suppliers, and third parties to provide them with the products they need. This interaction primarily takes place over the internet. The main goal of this medium is to provide users with solutions that help them efficiently complete tasks.


ERP for Shopify: What is an ERP?

Before we get started, we need to clarify what an ERP is:

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are managerial information systems that integrate and manage many of the business processes associated with a company’s production and distribution operations for goods or services. In other words, these are programs that help you manage your company in areas such as logistics, production, inventory, and more.


What are the best ERP solutions for Shopify that you can implement?

The best solutions will incorporate the following features to enhance the order management process:

  • Fully integrated analytics so that every aspect of your business operation can be monitored and measured.

  • Complete visibility of the entire business process, including the supply chain, so you can easily monitor and control orders placed and orders fulfilled.

  • Multifunctional capabilities so that you can easily integrate the order module into other departments and business processes to optimize the performance of each department.


ERPs that integrate well with Shopify:



Zoho offers multiple apps, including billing and inventory management, as well as functionalities focused on marketing and commercial operations management.

You can see how to connect it to your Shopify store here.



Odoo manages all types of operations you’ll need to perform on your website: accounting, sales, inventory, as well as communication. It’s open-source software, making it highly customizable.



A highly customizable ERP that adapts to all types of businesses. It allows you to check your financial status in real-time and includes customer acquisition tools, stock management, and team management features.



In addition to many of the financial management features found in other ERPs, NetSuite provides the option to delete some of the software that has been used in the past to optimize processes. It also has a financial planning area that offers projection reports to give you an idea of how changes in the online business field could affect your website.


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